Scanner Programming Service ?

Righto Gang !! Opinion time , !!

So like every other year its rolling around to that time of year where scanners become popular and as does up-to-date programming and programming of frequencies in your area

I’ve made this very clear and continue to do so , I don’t program scanners with any other areas of states than Victoria , why you ask ? well its all very easy (and I warn you you may not like the answer )

I’m located in Victoria and really don’t get out of Victoria so the systems and services I use as an end user are that of Victorian , not any other state so I only believe that it would be unfair immoral to offer services to those in other states

oh , I hear what’s coming next but others program for other states , yes they sure do and there are some others that are scattered around the other states the same as me (some I refer buyers on to if asked , if your in QLD SA WA NT TAS and know how to program the scanners and want to be on the referral list shout out im happy to send others across for some collaboration and shared cross promotion )

There are also some that simply skim info or dump data off sites put it in a card and send it off I don’t believe that this is a way to operate or supply so I don’t do it , simple hey !

Now the Victorian file , I guess the number one question asked is ” does it have all frequencies and talkgroups of every service , ? the answer is well hell no !! no one has the time to sit down and do this i would contest that any of the other sellers that sell these that profess to have all and know all dont have every service and every talk group ,

one of the latest interesting ones to pop up as an example is the Air desk and Air support Talk groups for the CFA , that have been floating around in cyberspace now I’m not going to say they have never been used but in the areas I frequent I’ve not heard them nor have I heard them requested or referred to

So this being said and getting to the point I have the main dispatch Chans I have the fire ground Chans i have a few other ones like some multi agency etc , I have SES I have some basic LSV and any others that are often used , but no I do not have 25.000 talk groups programmed on the possibility that in the year 3025 they may one day ask for this to be used ,

Why ? well there’s three parts to this , the first part is I don’t see the point In having heaps of space being taken up with pointless data , the extra groups and talk groups will only add confusion , (its hard enough trying to edumacate some users as it is ) so for the sake of as mentioned ease of use and given it may not be used , (remember the old MAS chan plan had dozens of talk groups that were never put in to use !)

the second part of this and as I put out in the info sheet with the scanners and cards , these cards are not a definitive answer , they are based on info that is used sourced and obtained by many ways actual use , research shared info , websites , forums , social media , search’s , user submission are only a few of the ways these are put together there is no “secret source from the emergency services ” as you may think , so based on that the info is only as accurate as any one else’s or what’s in the public domain I make no secret of this and actually I’m pretty blunt about it

The third part and the part I would probably like to highlight is , that these are done as a starting point for you to build on , I cant stress this enough , its in your best interests to experiment and learn how these beasts work and how to program them not only will it help you down the track with updates etc but it will assist you to understand how they work and how to operate them , this is not intended to be as mentioned a miracle answer or a fix to all the worlds problems , this is done so it shows how the systems banks groups etc are formatted , you can them build on this and add the specific talk groups that may be region or service specific and more focused on your requirements or listening needs and learn about the device and its operation and use , just like you would any other device you own , this also something i make very clear and at times I’m pretty blunt about

As an end note and probably a finishing point is that while this is a service I offer and yes I charge a small fee for this service , mainly to cover costs such as SD cards time etc , I can tell I don’t really profit off this and I’m not driving a massarati so if your thinking I’m bank rolling a trip to the maldives your dreaming , i also don’t profess nor believe that I know all or am the “go to guy” at it was thrown at me not long ago ! but what I believe is that we share some info and help one and other (for this reason once a bit of fine tuning is done and I find the time there will be a condensed free version of these files available for download off my site soon ) and use these devices to the best of their ability in a constructive way not run around in the shadows belting our chests about this that and the other , to be brutally honest I don’t care if I never sell another card again they are more hassle than they are worth due to a small few that don’t follow instructions nor have an understanding of how these cards files or scanners operate , but while they do I will continue to sell them and support however I can with in reason but please take the mentioned points and provided disclaimers and instructions into account before getting hot under the collar it will save us both a lot of time effort and frustration in the long run

a range of Victorian files can be found on my website for a range of scanners as mentioned above this category will be fine tuned in the very near future hopefully and will include some very basic “starter ” files if you are computer savvy and know your way round some of the more popular FPPs then you will be able to use these very easily to build on and create your own files for your device

Happy scanning !!!