Antenna Build With Limited Space and how to get around rental issues with antennas

Ok so for those that don’t know me , I used to have quiet a large antenna installation with a tower a multitude of poles and masts , as a renter my last long term landlord was quiet understanding and really was not to worried about antennas , the neighbours must have thought they had moved next to pine gap as there were antennas where ever I could put them

Here is a photo of the old installation well the desk , this was the main monitoring and operating position for many years

Moving Forward a few years and now moved into a premise that is not so forgiving of antennas , I had to re think the way I did things and my approach , this is a explanation of what I found and how I achieved this

So Most in Victoria /Australia will tell you that renting real estate agents landlords and radio is not a good mix , this is very true , and I know before you say it , who cares just send it !! yep well I did that and it didn’t work ,

Starting off I used a few L type mounts attached to the facia these are very small L brackets , I sell them for about $11aud , this enables you to put the antenna on a bracket and affix it , using tiny little wood screws mine looked like this

This gave me pretty much what I needed , Flight aware /1090mhz Scanner that I ran through a Splitter A dual band 2/70cm antenna local and semi local uhf /vhf ham repeaters a added UHF CB and a few others soon after to add to my abilities or requirement

Along side this , I added one single UHF White Stick , on a 6 Meter Pole attached to the fence this was again using saddle clamps and screws , done in such away that it could be removed when and if nessacery , with a bit of filler you would never know these were even here

Now soon After this I received a rather rude and rather demanding email Advising me that there was a very large and obstructing antenna In the back yard and this antenna was well beyond and above local height laws and limitations never mind that I was breaking one of the ten commandments by having this affixed to the fence ,

I asked the then real estate what this was based on I was told planning and building laws ,

I know you know this is rubbish ,but to keep them happy I took the mast down , around this time I was also told the that the ones on the facia would have to be removed , Humf well ok

the pole was a bigger issue , the facia ones I thought ,ok if I hot them up there with out them being affixed the job will be right , off to the drawing board , so , i came up with a small thin bit of timber an old fence paling I think it was , and affixed the brackets to this ,

then calming that on to the facia , thus not actually having anything connected to the facia of the property it looked like the other ones above only not directly fixed , this was held in with a few welding clamps ,

I asked both the owner and agent at the time what their expectations were and how we should go about achieving this and welcomed their suggestions for a mutual solution I was greeted with blank stares and an answer of well its your gear your problem so back the drawing board again ,

you guessed it the agent and owner was not happy with this either , so down they came

I figured as I was pretty much doing what I needed off the facia it did not need to be that high , but out of interest and to confirm by memory , I checked with the local council I was told 8 meters and I’m golden , I have since found out that it could be 8 meters to the base of the antenna how ever this I guess depends on your determination of the laws or regulations how ever no setback is required

so , that’s not an issue that’s plenty now how to hold it up there ,

after looking around at google and YouTube and asking the question on Facebook I found a few using drums filled with sand

so off to pet stock to get a 44 gallon drum ,

then off to Bunnings , roughly 15 bags of sand and rock , cheapest I could find ,

Filled the Drum placing a conduit pipe in the centre to place the antenna mast ,

After a bit of trial and error with the mast size height and weight a pole and mast was formed with a collection of antennas ,

all main antennas and bands are covered , with antennas for the scanner flight radar /1090ADSB VHF rx VHF/UHF ham bands , Paging RX . UHF CB , etc Etc it stands at a little over 4meters and covers all local and sub local services ,

this has been placed in the yard away from the house to eliminate that as a concern , there are a number of coax runs running through the lawn to the window at the house where they enter the operating position

So I can already hear some saying , what’s the point this would have little to no coverage , well think again uhf/vhf repeaters I have coverage well into the eastern suburbs of Melbourne , where there are several repeaters , uhf cb gives me local to sub local coverage , that’s all I need Scanner gives me several Metro RMR talk groups a few MMR services and services located into Melbourne’s south east local commercial service , the Flight radar or ADSB gives pretty much vic wide with a few patch’s

see a screen shot here

So while its what some would call short one ends or small , it achieves pretty much what I need it to achieve all with no hassle from the real estate or landlord ,

This may help you out if your in a rental or a low profile area that can not have massive antennas , you may be able to modify this slightly and tailor it to your requirements

This may also suit some of the USA followers with those pesky HOA etc

What would I do different

well at some stage I’m going to make the mounts on the antennas all one length of coax , at the moment they are base and leads with joiners , and while not much difference will be made it well let me clean it up a bit the uhf cb antenna is being swapped out for a RFI ground independent , the scanner antenna is going to be swapped out for a CD30 UHF/VHF and I’m going to add a vhf marine aside form that I will be pretty much leaving it as it is

How’s the Wind rating well we have 100Km + winds and not even a issue ,

can you tip it over , not a chance , i think its going to be turned into a table or garden ordainment when its no longer needed

How’s this fix my problem , well its “temporary” so the issue of fixed masts is removed and the agent or landlord cant say its a fixed antenna , the issue of it being attached to the house are gone , so its no longer an issue , the height issue is removed because its near half the permitted allowed , its away from the house so that issue is removed pretty much leaves them with no recourse , and gives you an antenna configuration to use on your allocated bands

Stay tuned how to build a confined or small operating station !!!