Hytera PNC 370 POC /PTTOC Device

A Quick Review on the Hytera PNC 370 POC /PTTOC Device , This was going to be a YouTube video and it may still be but I’ve not had a lot of pare time of late so , I thought I would drop a quick Review here

To Start off I had heard good things about these in terms of build and quality , I had heard that these were primarily a commercial device for Commercial PTTOC networks such as Hytera’s own or the like

I had heard that these would run on zello and echolink and other “ham ” based networks with a bit of a”hack ” and I saw a few going cheap on eBay , so i grabbed one to test out and put through its paces

So Can they ? well yes they can is it easy ? i guess that depends on what you call easy ,

Firstly my impressions of the radio , and some back ground

The radio manufacture information page can be found here https://hytera.com.au/products/pnc370 this has all the specs and inclusions etc il save you the hassle of reading all that again , as you probably already have

the radio is a solid unit well built has a very solid feel to it , yet its small enough that it fits in your pocket or on your belt , for the few months I tested this radio i had it on the belt clip and it was on my belt and no one really knew it was there until it made a noise this i liked against some other other PTTOC brands such as the RT4 that is a larger tougher and more Motorola looking device that stands out a lot more

it came with a belt clip in the pack , the belt clip is a very solid clip

the operation of the unit it self over all is very simple there is no numeric buttons just a toggle type button a green a red a menu and that’s about it ,

so on with it , will it work on Zello ? well yes it will , how do you do it i hear you ask ? there are a few youtubers around that have done this and they can offer more help than me , so it will be much easier if i link their clips , thanks to those people for sharing this info

You ask do I still have it , ? and would I Still use it ? Would I recommend it ?

Well no I don’t still have it , No i would not still use it , and no I would not recommend it While the device works on zello and other apps the button and user interface is as expected not deigned for use with zello or other apps , while it can be used with these its not as good as you would expect some of the functionality is missing some of the buttons take some doing to map ,

if i was going to use this with zello i would look for a different device , if i was going to use this on a commercial network then it may well fit the use and could be a very nice tidy little radio